Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Bride Wore Size 12

Last month  I read Meg Cabot's new book The Bride Wore Size 12. As with all of Meg Cabot's books, specifically the Heather Wells series I truly enjoyed the story. Let's refresh your memory about Heather. Ms. Wells is a former pop star whose mother and manager ran off with all her money. She began working in a residency hall, Fischer Hall as a way to pay for school. Soon students begin having "accidents" leaving to their untimely death. Heather makes herself lead detective on the cases and almost gets herself killed. The Bride Wore Size 12 begins with Heather's preparation for her wedding.  Another student passes away in the dorm making the peaceful pre-wedding days into chaos especially after her long lost mother comes back into her life.

I adored this book. I loved to see how Heather and Cooper's relationship has progressed. Heather is such a loveable character. Despite her background she feels like anyone we would know. The stories are exciting, the characters are fun. What more could you ask for? Any fans of the series knows that Heather is unable to have children, but I am still hoping for another book, maybe the mom wore size 12?

~I received a free ebook to review. I was not compensated in anyway for my honest review~