Monday, April 25, 2011

Review: Maid of Honor by Jillian Conley

Maid of Honor by Jillian Conley

I recently read Maid of Honor.On Valentines Day Josephine's
best friend Sandra gets engaged. Jillian agrees to be her Maid of Honor and soon discovers that Sandra has been planning her wedding since she was twelve years old. She struggled with some of her duties. The wedding leads her to reunite with an old flame who happens to be the grooms twin brother.

This story shows the strength of friendship. It is a fantastic book to give to your bridal party! I truly enjoyed reading it. It is a fast read that all woman can enjoy!

Jillian Conley does a great job at portraying very realistic situations and bonding experiences. I look forward to reading her future books.

~I received a free ebook to review~


  1. Did this just come out today? I saw that Jill Conley is doing a book signing soon in Chicago...sounds really good..I'd love to read it! Thanks for sharing such a good review.