Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Review: Girl In A Spin by Clodagh Murphy

I recently red Girl in a Spin. The story follows Jenny a young adult who has had a hard life. She grew up in foster care after her mother abandoned her and her father passed away. Jenny is a party girl, but soon she falls in love with Richard who is separated from his wife, (or is he...) and running in the upcoming election.
Richard highers a publicist to help Jenny appear more sophisticated so he has better hopes on winning the election. After several months Jenny and the publicist seem to have more in common than she and Richard do. Her life spirals out of control until she does not know what she wants anymore.

Ms. Murphy's writing style seems very similar to Sophie Kinsella's writing style. However she has her own spin on it. I truly enjoyed reading this book. The characters were extremely likable. Ms. Murphy has of way of making you care about the characters. The story has a way of making you laugh and cry. It is a great read. I highly suggest you read it!

~I received a free book to review~

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