Saturday, May 19, 2012

Explanation for Lack of Postings

I would like to explain the reason why I have not had any postings the last few weeks. The initial reason was because after 4 very long years I graduated from graduate school with my doctorate. I had paper work, meetings and end of my externship that I was taking care of along with doctoral hoodings and graduation ceremonies. 

This Saturday, the day before my brother and I's graduation my grandfather passed away. We have been dealing with trying to mentally and physically process this loss and sitting shiva.

I will continue to be taking a break from the blog for another week or so, but soon I will have several reviews up of several books including Jennifer Weiner's Then Came You, Recalculating, & Swim, Sophie Kinsella's Six Geese a Laying, Janet Evanovich's Love in a Nutshell and many others.

Thank you all for your support.

~Queen of Reading~
AKA: Dr. Queen of Reading (LOL)

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  1. Isn't life such a mix of good and bad? Congratulations on your amazing accomplishment, Dr. Book Queen. ;)

    How sad about your grandfather and I hope you and your family grow closer while sitting shiva.