Monday, September 3, 2012

How Lucky You Are by Kristyn Kusek Lewis

I recently read  How Lucky You Are by Kristyn Kusek Lewis.
This book follows the lives of three friends. Bakery owner Waverly who is severely in debt, Kate the soon to be governor's wife or is she and Amy whose life seems to be perfect but is actually a horror. Waverly has been keeping the debt a secret from her live in boyfriend for fear that it will cause problems in there relationship. When Waverly discovers what has been going on in Amy's life she is horrified and has to make a decision whether or not to keep her secret. 

This shows the true strengths of friendships. Through thick and thin these women are there for each other. This book definitely makes you look at your own life and think how lucky you are to have what you have because there is so much worse out there.

How Lucky Are You is extremely well written. The characters are very developed which is very nice to see. You get a lot of back story about each one of them. I enjoyed learning about them and watch them grow. I highly recommend this book to everyone! 

~I received a free book to review. ~
~I was not compensated in any way for my honest review~

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