Saturday, November 29, 2014

Saving Grace by Jane Green

     I recently read Saving Grace by Jane Green.
This story follows famous author Ted Chapman's wife Grace. Grace, a happy, loving wife and mother begins having difficulty with Teds mood swings once his assistant and her friend leaves the family. Grace starts to feel stressed until she finds a new assistant, Beth. Once Beth comes into Ted and Grace's life she starts to take over dealing with Ted as well as every day activities like paying bills. As time goes on Grace starts to realize Beth is not who she thought she was. Life soon begins to spiral out of control and brings up secrets from her past that she has kept hidden from her own family. 

    I was drawn into the lives of the characters from the very beginning of the story. The story itself defianely brings on emotions. I had the urge to scream at one character. I am trying not to give to much away, but once you read it you may feel the same way I did. 

   Ms. Green's writing always have a way of enticing such strong emotions.With each book it is clear she has grown as a person and as a writer. She is an excellent writer. I am looking forward to her next book, Summer Secrets currently scheduled to be published June 2015.

~I received a free ebook to review.~
~I was not compensated in any way for my honest review.~

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