Saturday, January 22, 2011

The EReader debate

The EReader Debate

For months I have been trying to decide between the Nook and the Kindle. Then the Ipad came out now all I can think about is that! So I have been debating between the three devices. The Ipad does everything under the sun, but it is so much more expensive then the other devices. The kindle is only black and white, and it doesn't have a back-light which would make reading at night in bed impossible. It does have a keyboard though which is a plus. The Nook is in color as well, but it doesn't have a keyboard. I can go to websites and check my email from it and it has a back-light so I would be able to read at night. I can import my files into all the devices.

I think part of the reason the decision is so hard is because the Ipad is so expensive. It was the same price or close in price to the Nook and the Kindle I would be getting that. Unfortunately that is not the case so I can't decide between the three devices.
So I am bring my debate to everyone to help me make a decision. What EReader device do you have and what are your likes and dislikes? Is it easy to import files? Is the software user friendly? I want to know everything about your device. How did you decide to get the device you have? 

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  1. I realize that this isn't one of the ones that you are considering, but I got a Sony eReader (pocket, pink) for Christmas that I adore. It's touchscreen, user-friendly, and easy to read on. It has eInk technology, so no backlight, but my hubby bought me the case with the built-in light and it's so easy to read in low light now. I thought that I would miss the colour covers, but I don't. I'm just fine with black and white. Love, love, love my Reader! Enjoy whatever you decide on!

  2. I'll have to look into Sony eReader. Thanks for telling me about it. I didn't know it existed.