Monday, January 10, 2011

Vacation Nightmare!

   After spending months working my rear end off I decided to take a vacation. My flight was scheduled for a week after the major snowstorm on the east coast. 
   I got to the airport 2 hours early to get through security and check in. Checked in and sat in waiting. About 40 minutes before the scheduled flight time they announced that the plane would start boarding shortly. 15 minutes later they announce that the flight is delayed because although the pilot is there the rest of they could not find the rest of the flight crew. The flight got cancelled at the time we were supposed to take off because they couldn't find a flight crew. 
     So I went standby on another flight at gate one.  The crew assured me that my luggage would be on the first standby flight regardless of whether I get on the flight or not. It would be there waiting for me. Well the first flight
came and went and I wasn't on it. At this point I was traveling with a group of people from my original flight. They sent us all on standby to another flight at gate 27. The very last gate!  The second flight came and went I wasn't on it. Flight number 3 sent us back to gate 5 after sitting a half hour we were moved to gate 19. 3 flights and 14 hours later I were in Florida. 
   The company had assured me several thousand times that my luggage would be on that first standby flight and would be in Florida waiting for me. When I actually got here we had no luggage. Baggage claim told me that although you stick a bar coded tag onto the luggage when you check it in they don't actually use a check in system so they had no way of telling me if my luggage was sitting in the original airport, on plane to Florida or in Aruba! STUPID!!!! Why bother with a bar code if you are not going to use it! 
    I had to first go by essentials at 2am. I borrowed clothes from my family and bought a few things the next day. They finally found my luggage 48 hours later. 
     I got here safe which is really all that matters and they did find our luggage eventually. Lol

    The flight home was significantly less eventful! Went to the airport 2 hours early to get through security just like I did last time. The plane arrived 5 minutes after sitting at the gate. They assured us that the plane would be cleaned and checked and boarding in 40 minutes. Turns out plane and crew came in together so 20 minutes later we boarded and took off 30 minutes early, which led to us landing 40 minutes early!!!! Luggage came through the belt almost right away! :)

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