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October is Audiology Awareness Month!

October is Audiology Awareness Month!
Click Image to Find a Licensed Audiologist Near You! Not sure if you need one take a quick Hearing Health Test to help you decide: http://www.audiology.org/resources/consumer/Documents/Fact%20Sheets%20-%20Quick%20Test.pdf

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Then Came You by Jennifer Weiner

I would like to thank Jennifer Weiner for taking the time to send me this book via kindle when she saw a posting stating that I was not allowed to bring a book to work, but was able to sneak my kindle in.This story follows the lives of four women one in school looking for money to help a family member, one looking for money to support a growing family, one wanting to have a child and one in a surprising situation.

Ms. Weiner has a very unique way of having her characters live completely separate lives that some how find away to connect. The story was fantastic, but  it left me wanting more. I hope that she decides to make a sequel to this story so I can dig deeper into the characters lives.

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